Shocking and Surprising Hermit Carb Facts

It may sound really weird that there are individuals out there who take hermit crab as a pet. This may be odd, right? There are basically 600 species of these hermit crabs which are seen all over the world. These are available and these may be utilized as a pet if there is a desire for it. As a matter of fact, this is commonly observed in the United States. Categorically speaking, there are only two types of these land hermits which are being sold as household pets. But then, there were claims saying that stores even offer exotic ones. These are among Hermit Carb facts.

Hermit Carb

More about hermits…

Basically, these hermit crabs are plainly hermits. They are referred to as hermit crabs since they can carry their own shelter with them. This is what makes them different. Aside from this, hermit crabs are also considered as social animals. These are going to climb against each other because they always do this for fun. They may even sleep up in piles. Whenever hermits are seen in the wild, they will always be staying together in quite a large network. This is how they conduct trading. There are even times when they steal. Yes, they do. They steal each other’s shells.

The home of hermits serves as their protection. This is a way for them to keep their abdomen because it is soft in nature. This also guides them in the regulation of their body fluid. Hydration is also possible this way through their gills. It may be surprising to know that Hermits have gills. They are like fish in that sense. They do not have any lungs too. With this, it can be assumed that they do not breathe synonymous to that of humans. Since this is the case, there is a need for humid air to be present in order for them to breathe. If this is not observed, there is a tendency for them to die. This may occur because of suffocation. To maintain a 70 percent of its humidity level will be the answer. This can be measured through a humidity gauge. This is a way to have the important requirement monitored.

As mentioned, these hermits also steal. This occurs whenever they want to have another shell from a crab. Even a shell fight may transpire somewhere in the future. This would require protection then. There is just a chance to stumble upon a vulnerable crab. If a crab is starting to be aggressive, and then they will surely try to find a new home. They will surely isolate their home. Having many shells may encourage a hermit to select what is available. They are like this all the time.

House hunting is an activity common to hermits. This is a chance for them to upgrade their shell. This is when they modify the opening of their shell. They do this by reaching from within their shell. This is done with the presence of their large claws. If the shell still works, and then they will roll inside. If not, they will find another.